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Participant’s Review

The Shojo Manga Exhibition and Workshop was held at the Japan Foundation Delhi on 21 February 2020.


I attended the manga workshop and exhibition on 21st feb 2020.The exhibition was about shojo manga (少女). It was free of charge, and anyone could attend it.

I was sitting in the Japan Foundation Library with one of my friends, when someone came and asked us to have a look at the exhibition downstairs. We went there and it was a very insightful experience.

After the exhibition there was a manga drawing workshop and it was awesome. Registration was necessary to attend the workshop, but, I had not registered for and the registration was already closed by then. Lucky for me, I was somehow able to attend the workshop.

First ,we were briefed about what a manga is. It is a type of literature that is mainly produced in Japan(even the term itself is from the japanese language).

In manga, there is not much descriptive text, and the story is told mostly using characters and imagery. So basically, a manga is a comic book.

I have been learning japanese for a year and a lot of people have suggested reading mangas, but, I have yet to read any manga book. However, after attending the workshop, I felt that reading mangas could be quite interesting and not just that, but even drawing manga characters.

At the workshop, the team was very helpful and supportive. After explaining the how to draw, highlight, etc. we started drawing and they came at each desk and made us aware of do’s and don’ts . All participants were provided with individual drawing kits .

I also got the chance to interact with native Japanese people, which is important for a japanese learner to improve their speaking skills through interaction.

Overall,the workshop was fun. Now i’m looking forward to reading mangas and attend more events like this.


I’m have been studying japanese for about a year and as the exhibition and workshop was related Japanese culture, I was very interested.

Initially I didn’t have much interest in Japanese culture, but, as I started learning japanese I started developing interest. I started attending events related to Japanese culture such as the shojo manga exhibition and workshop.

Honestly speaking, I never had much interest in manga and till now I’ve only read a single manga, “Tokyo ghoul “, and that too I didn’t finish reading it.

I attended the exhibition in Japan Foundation and it was mind blowing. There were some basic information about shojo manga, sample photos of famous mangas, etc.

After the exhibition, I participated in the workshop,where each of us we were provided with drawing kits .The host first explained the meaning of each and everything  drawn and what feelings are conveyed by each and every sign. There are different ways of expressing feelings by drawing in different ways. I found it very interesting. I am not very good at drawing and painting, but, it was fun learning something new at the workshop.

I suggest anyone interested learning japanese or in japanese culture should take part in activities like this to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our contributors: Vishal & Garima

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