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We have a few resources that will surely help you in your Japanese self study journey. Drop in a comment if you have any Japanese Language related query.

Self-Study II

Self-Study II

Textbooks, notes, dictionaries, apps, etc. are our best friends when learning a language. Now when you are learning a language on your own, especially Japanese, you definitely need a lot more resources to wrap your head around the complex grammatical system. Here we have a few Japanese self study resources that will surely help you in your Japanese learning journey.

Japanese Respect Language: When, Why, and How to use it Successfully

This is an exciting book for all Japanese language learners. It doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner or an advanced level, Keigo remains one of those things that feels almost impossible to remember. This is because we learn it in fragments, without actually understanding the concept.

This book explains what Keigo is and when it is used with the help of graphs. This is especially helpful in understanding how to use Keigo in situations when more than 2 people are involved. For example, person A and B are talking about C. How should Keigo be used in this case?

Complete Japanese Grammar by Eriko Sato

This is a great book for all beginners level Japanese learners. You can use it as your main grammar book, but we recommend using it as as supplementary study material. This book covers complete N5 level grammar and some portion of N4 as well.

This book uses Romaji as well as Hiragana and Kanji. This is a grammar book and not a book for learning Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji. The book does however give a decent introduction of Hiragana and Katakana in the first few pages.

This book is available in both paperback as well as Kindle edition. We do recommend the kindle version because you can simply download the free HERE for other articles.

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