Anime Movie Review: Colorful

Colorful ‘カラフル’ is based on the Sankei Children’s Book Award winner novel by Eto Mori of the same name and directed by Keiichi Hara.



By Sangte Taku

Colorful ‘カラフル’ is based on the Sankei Children’s Book Award winner novel by Eto Mori of the same name and directed by Keiichi Hara, who has previously worked on movies like Doraemon and Shinchan among many others.

A nameless soul is given a second chance in life, but, he has to go through a 6 months internship in the body of suicide victim Kobayashi Makoto; and within those 6 months stay he has to find out 2 things.

1. What sin he had committed in his past life?
2. Why Kobayashi Makoto had attempted suicide?

If he fails, both he (the nameless soul), and Kobayashi Makoto will die.

This movie is the nameless soul’s journey dealing with the fact that every individual has multiple colors within them; kind, cruel, happy, sad, and that it is okay to have colors within you that others do not. This movie also deals with「出る杭は打たれる(deru kui wa utareru」which roughly translates to ‘the nail that sticks out get hammered in’. Which means, people who do not come under the definition of ‘normal’ in the homogeneous Japanese society tend to get ostracized and bullied. Even in real life, this is one of the major factors leading to suicide cases in Japan, the country with the highest yearly suicide rate.

Kobayashi Makoto is the typical introvert school kid. Since he was bullied, he kept to himself and his paintings; always seemingly deep in thought, satisfied with his small talks with the pretty Hiroko. He has a workaholic father who spends no quality time with his family, and a mother, who despite not being happy and is an insomniac, is taking care of the four oblivious males in the family.

And yet, when this safe bubble he has wrapped himself in bursts, he suddenly finds it hard to go on…


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  1. wow! what an amazing review..thanks a lot for the information, i was looking forward to watch a good movie and you have shown me the right direction. i’ll just go and watch it 🙂

    1. Great!!! Hope we can share more interesting reviews in the future too. Keep checking our website for more reviews coming soon 🙂

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